The All New Bubble CiTea Green Dragon Series

The All New Bubble CiTea Green Dragon Series

Bubble Ci-Tea Launch their New Year seasonal Green Dragon Series drinks! 

Dragon Fire 1080X1350

DRAGON FIRE - 🔥 A refreshing take on a matcha infused drink made with our signature matcha flavour resting on top of a sweet layer ⁠of mango fruit tea and our popular strawberry bubbles topped with a generous helping of ice.⁠

Frozen Dragon 1080X1350

FROZEN DRAGON - 🧊⁠ A frozen blend of matcha and vanilla flavours topped with silky whipped cream and crunchy Oreo pieces alongside our chewy tapioca.⁠

Dalgona Dragon 1080X1350

DALGONA DRAGON - ☕️⁠ COFFEE LOVERS EVERYWHERE!!!! Introducing our FIRST ever coffee-based drink! Our signature matcha flavour is topped with a perfectly whipped Dalgona coffee⁠, mixed with your choice of milk and our chewy tapioca.⁠

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