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Charity of the Year

Charity of the Year

Over the course of the previous year, we had the opportunity to work with several notable charitable organizations. However, we're especially proud to have collaborated with The Walthamstow Toy Library as our Charity of the Year. Together, we accomplished several initiatives, including fundraising events such as Santa's Grotto, which generated significant community participation and donations. As a result of the community's generosity, we were able to raise over £8000 for the charity. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who supported this cause.

Described as “a real lifeline and a vital local resource,” by one local resident, the Toy Library is an educational charity which provides babies and children under the age of five with a stimulating and creative learning environment. It also loans out high-quality toys to local families.

Our Charity of the year , The beloved Walthamstow Toy Library has embarked on an exciting new chapter as it moved from its location on Hurst Road to a beautiful new home at William Morris Hall on Somers Road. This relocation marks a significant milestone in the Toy Library's journey, but there's still work to be done to make the new space perfect for the community it serves.

The Walthamstow Toy Library has been a cornerstone of the Walthamstow community for many years, providing families with access to a vast collection of toys, games, and educational resources. As they transition to their new location, the charity is calling on the generous support of the community to help make the new space warm, welcoming, and full of educational opportunities for children.

The new location holds immense potential, but before it can fully serve the community, it requires renovations and improvements. This is where you come in! Every donation, no matter how big or small, will contribute to the transformation of the William Morris Hall into a safe and enriching environment for local families.

To make your contribution and support the Walthamstow Toy Library in this exciting journey, please visit their LocalGiving page at

Your donation will help us create a vibrant space where children can learn, play, and grow.

"We are thrilled to be moving to our new home at William Morris Hall and are immensely grateful for the support of our community. With your help, we can continue our mission to provide educational and creative resources to children in Walthamstow," said Helen Crockford at Walthamstow Toy Library.

Join us in spreading the word and supporting the Walthamstow Toy Library as they embark on this exciting new chapter. Follow @WalthamstowToyLibrary on Facebook and Instagram, or @e17toylibrary on Twitter, and use the hashtags #WalthamstowToyLibrary, #CommunitySupport, and #DonateToday to share the news and encourage others to contribute.

For inquiries, please contact: Helen Crockford Email: 

About Walthamstow Toy Library:

Walthamstow Toy Library is a registered charity that provides access to a wide range of toys and resources for families in the Walthamstow community. Their mission is to promote learning, play, and creativity among children while supporting families in their journey of raising happy and healthy kids.


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